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Friday, March 5, 2010

motorcycles from the past

It all started in 1990’s when the first Cubans that came from Cuba that had MZ’s in Cuba. They found out about that MZ had won some race here in Daytona Florida and for this reason the U.S.A permitted the entrance of some MZ models like the MZ ETZ 125/150,250,251,and the MZ TS 250 which was at first very popular. MZ gained a lot of power in the whole world because it had won some of the two stroke races here in the U.S.A. but it’s fame was only till Yamaha and Suzuki copied it’s revolutionary two-stroke system. May be if Yamaha and Suzuki did not copy its system MZ would have been the motorcycle people ride today. Here in Miami people ride there MZ as if it were any rare scooter. They some times even ride there MZ to there work. In fact every Thursday night a group of MZ riders like me and many other friends ride some of our MZ’s to the La Carreta Cuban food restaurant which is on 8650 Bird Road, Miami, FL 33165. And every Saturday night we go to big Kmart which is on 1460 West 49th Street, Hialeah, FL‎. You can find most of these Cuban styled MZ’s here and in south Florida in fact one of our club members has decided to live of MZ’s by buying MZ parts from different people in in different parts of the world and them reselling them here again either to send to Cuba our for club users here In south Florida. This members name is Disney he some times posts MZ part in the south Florida craglist under the motorcycle section under the search name of MZ. And so far it’s been going very good for him he made his company and he even accepts credit cards his company name is MZ PARTS MIAMI' INC. HE some times has other rare motorcycles that are not MZ. Some times we exchange MZ parts for other parts and sometimes we put a few dollars on top of the exchange, other times we just sell the parts.If you think my story is wrong or have any questions you can email me at